Patterns between Males and Females

Obviously, each individual has a completely different way of learning, thinking, and processing information. However,  there have been some  patterns that have been observed- especially between the two genders.

In general, women are left brained- They have a tendency to talk a lot, learn methodically, and are often good with mental math. Also, women perform tasks with greater accuracy and precision.

Men, on the other hand, are often right brained.-They are good at targeting, visualizing ideas, and spatial perception. Furthermore, men have good mathematical reasoning.

I surveyed 40 people, 20 females and 20 males, representing various age groups. The results were gathered and are displayed in the chart below. 

How this difference is visible in school

 The learning abilities of girls and boys explain several trends noticed in the school atmosphere. Though high school boys do not usually have their forte in mathematics, they perform better on standardized tests and mathematical questions. Boys are also likely to dominate class discussions- despite the urge that girls have to talk. On the other hand, the generally left-brained girls do well on school assignments and tests, but not as well on time bound tests that involve "trick" questions. They do well on straightforward calculations and essay questions through which they can explain all they know.
Unfortunately, schools today focus on the dominant styles that a left brained student would feel comfortable with. As a result, on average, girls tend to perform better in schools. However, both learning styles are extremely important and traits from both sides of the brain are vital to enjoy life fully.